Concept Of Rejuvenation

REJUVENATION: The slowing and, in some cases, reversing of the ageing process.

Rejuvenation is based around the concept of Biological Age.


We can slow and reverse the ageing process.

We can improve our health by changing our maladaptive behaviours and / or our surroundings, to start reversing the damage and renew our health.

Our strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and power fitness can be improved at every age. Joints rebuilt, mobility enhanced, energy revitalized and nutrition can be used to compensate for metabolic changes that come with age. This is the process of Rejuvenation.

The degree to which one can rejuvenate oneself fits on a spectrum of potential achievement.

Rejuvenation is very dependent on applying to the process:

  • Time

  • Commitment

  • Motivation and

  • Resources

To reduce biological aging there are the following three factors that need to be considered, these are: one’s environment, ones genetics and one’s life style. In life style the two factors that one can get the greatest return on to experience Rejuvenation are movement and nutrition.

Therefore, at one end of the Rejuvenation spectrum one can simply eat well and move so that there is minimum positive benefit to their health, or at the other end of the spectrum train like an Olympic athlete, in regard to time, scientific training methods and nutrition.

The measurement of Rejuvenation is the difference between your chronological age and your biological age.

Biological Ageing

With biological age you can have a person entering middle chronological age, say 40 years old, who has an advanced biological age, say 70. And vice versa, you can have a chronological age of 70 that has a more youthful biological age of 40.

Biological age is the comparison of our body’s wellness status in relationship to the status of a specific population’s chronological age which is the same as ours.

Traditional biological age measurements compare:

  • Physiological activities

  • Body composition

  • Mechanical functionality and

  • Psychological health.

The main factors that affect one’s biological age are environment, life style and genetics.

Scientific studies have proven that in today’s world, life style and environment plays a far more significant role in ageing than do genetics.

In the last two centuries, there has been a dramatic increase in our lifespan. This proves that ageing and life span are not processes that are fixed. This also proves that the extension of life span, through the reduction of biological age is possible by manipulation of our environment and life style.

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