Return On Investment

Return on your investment on human capital investment into rejuvenation

The Right Amount of Energy

There is no magic pill or instant cure for rejuvenation. It will take some effort, but the results will be well worth it. Think of this as an investment, a human capital investment.  The more investment you put into rejuvenation the more return you will receive.

The process of rejuvenation has various degrees of achievement. For a minimum return a small improvement in one’s nutrition activity level and life style will be a good step and rejuvenate, and return health to a small degree. However, if you want to gain the highest return attainable, you must dedicate yourself to the process.

How much would it be worth to you to enjoy your final years as a healthy, active adult, able to continue doing many of the things you most love?

What financial returns can you expect?  You can work longer and add to your retirement fund, or if you choose, due to increased vitality you can work more efficiently and retire earlier and enjoy investments in travel and leisure.  A big societal investment is the reduced cost burden you will be on the health and social services due to your reduction of illness. By understanding your longevity potential you can manage your retirement funds more efficiently.  With a longer life you will get a greater benefit from annuity investments.  By living longer you can enjoy more of your investment portfolio rather than give it to your children or the tax man through estate taxes.

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