Whatever your level of health is today, you can benefit from the Agealete Wellness Programme.

An Agealete Wellness Programme Consultant will meet with you to determine your personal goals and the time and recourses available.

The next step is to establish a base line of fitness for the start of a rejuvenation programme.

Using this information your Agealete Consultant will structure a wellness plan and programme. You can then start your individually crafted programme. Agealete associates will monitor your progress, so the plan and Programme can be adapted as you progress to you end goal. The Agealete Wellness programme will follow the seven laws for fitness success.


The Agealete Programme is based around the Seven Laws for Wellness.

The laws are generalisations, but if you follow these laws you will definitely see dramatic improvements in your wellness.

To get the best out of Agealete take the Agealete designed Agealete Wellness Assessment Test, and Agealete Epigenetics Test to obtain a personalised plan and guarantee Rejuvenation.


  • THE FIRST LAW – ESTABLISH A MOTIVATIONAL GOAL – Agealete will help you establish a motivational goal that will arouse incentive and desire for success to put in a vigorous effort to achieve your wellness goals.

  • THE SECOND LAW – EDUCATE AND PREPARE YOURSELF – Agealete will teach you to be your own fitness expert with the most up to date fitness curriculum.  Knowledge gives the ability to attain goals and have lasting success and wellness.

  • THE THIRD LAW – PLAN AND RECORD – To achieve wellness goals one needs to manage progress towards one’s goals.  Agealete will provide you with a planning and recording system to measure advancement towards your goals

  • THE FOURTH LAW – SEEK GOOD HEALTH – Good Health has three components; the physical, the internal, the mental and all three are interrelated.  Agealete will show you how they are all interrelated and help you have a life style change that encourages you to seek good health.

  • FIFTH LAW USE RESOURCEFULNESS – Life constantly throws obstacles at us; emergencies, hazards, unexpected problems and setbacks.  So, to meet these constantly arising issues one must have resourcefulness to overcome and keep on track with your wellness goal.

  • SIXTH LAW PERSEVERANCE – Stick To It-Tiveness – Agealete will be there to keep the client on track.

  • SEVENTH LAW – ENJOY YOURSELF In the process of obtaining fitness and wellbeing, it is important to enjoy oneself.  Agealete will specifically design a programme that will give you enjoyment in the process and will be exciting as you see your progress.

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