The reason I have called this process ‘Agealete’, which is a play-on the word ‘Athlete’, is because: – It’s not easy to correct aging issues and fight against the physical and mental deterioration experienced due to time.

To achieve one’s ‘wellness best’ post 50 and reduce and delay the disabling impact of impending degenerative aging one must train and work at it.

This is not easy!

There are aspects about aging that are depressing, and there are aspects about aging that are uplifting. What I really dislike about aging is degeneration of my talents, what I do like is the knowledge life has given me.

There are some wonderful quotes about aging but one of the real poignant uplifting ones for me is a quote by David Bowie:

“Somebody said that as YOU get older YOU become the person YOU always wanted to be”.

I hope this is true for all of the Agealete community.

The other quote that is the underlying theme to Agealete is by fitness Guru of the 50’s and 60’s Jack Lalanne:

“Dying is easy, living is an Athletic Event”.

But, based on the all the negative physical challenges that lay ahead how do you philosophically deal with it?  I think this statement deals with the question:

“Don’t regret getting older, it is a privilege denied to many”.

I am setting up Agealete for several reasons, but the main reason is to use Agealete as a motivational process to keep me focused on my fitness and my aging fight.  YOU see one of the benefits of aging is YOU really get to know YOURSELF.

I really hate to fail and what I need to succeed in most ventures is to put pressure on myself by way of a challenge.  Putting myself out there as one of the poster-boys for the geezer set is a highly challenging thing to do.  Because If I do not keep myself on the program, I will look the fool, and I would have failed in my poster-boy responsibilities.

A second reason for this is to provide real up to date academically proven information on aging and use myself as an influencer into healthy aging.

Thirdly is to promote investment opportunities into physical and digital health projects that have been verified and validated to improve public health.

Over my life one of the things that has defined me is my personal fitness.  Aging has humbled me in this area.  I now have health issues and most of them have been self-imposed due to my life-style as a competitive athlete that started at the age of eleven and has filled all the years between then    and now.  The result is crippling joint and connective tissue injuries.  I also have an environmental impact where I was attacked by a very vicious bacterial infection that has left its mark on my gastrointestinal and cardio functioning.